!Journalism work .. between skill and ethics

Journalism work .. between skill and ethics

Every society has its own authenticity, culture, and ethics, as well as every profession has its own ethics and behaviors.

Journalism comes at the forefront of professions that reflect the image of society with its experiences, problems and phenomena.

All forms of journalism, whether written, audio, visual or electronic, should respect the cultural environment of the society.

The press should not exceed the accepted principles and values ​​in order to perform its function in a way that responds to people’s needs and aspirations, and gives them the opportunity to have a clearer vision of their reality.

Journalistic work ethics becomes useless unless it is reflected in practical behaviors on the ground.

When we say the ethics of the profession, the talk by its nature leads us to research the relationship between the profession’s practitioners and their clients as beneficiaries, and this relationship imposes on the first party a kind of commitment to a set of principles and values ​​that rise to personal duties towards the second party so that the bridges of this relationship remain extended between the two parties not She is suspicious and not ambiguous.

There is no doubt that journalism differs from other professions in that it is a message before it is a profession, and its role does not depend on the mere performance of a social function or the practice of an educational hobby. and its rise.

It is at the same time an indicator of the civilized level of peoples and a specific measure of the level of freedom in democratic and non-democratic systems. To endure adversity, during his career, all in order to preserve the profession’s dignity, and his condition, as the immortal phrase says:

Like a candle that burns to give light to others

Not every journalist who practices the profession is stripped of its principles and lacks its ethical standards, and his technical skills and academic certificates in front of the public will not satisfy him who lacks integrity and credibility, and strays from independence and objectivity.

If some believe that adherence to ethics to the letter, excessive adherence to them, and adherence to the limits of the social responsibility of the profession may hinder the journalist, and discourage his resolve to strive towards revealing the facts as they are to the best of his ability, which would result in a dull press surrounded by stagnation, completely separate from Reality of people, and do not achieve them benefit.

All this does not justify the disgraceful behavior and practices of those who consider themselves professional journalists, who are nothing but outsiders to the profession. Such as the journalist impersonating the works and ideas of others, or receiving a financial compensation in order to overturn or falsify facts, or to violate people’s honor and hurt their feelings, and other caveats that must be established in the code of honor and local and international agreements in order to moralize the profession of journalism.

And the circle of ethics is not limited to what should be done and said and what should not, but rather it is much broader than what some people realize, including journalists themselves. On a hidden side of society and revealing it to people for what it really is is a matter of ethical practice of journalistic work, in accordance with its basic principles, which gives society the opportunity to see itself closely.

The more qualified and adept journalists are in the information they present beyond doubt, error or omission, and in the manner required to create an informed and informed public opinion, the more they will gain the confidence of their audience, and they will be in touch with the ethics and morals of the profession.

What increases the burden of the journalism profession on those working in the field and who are committed to its ethics and principles is that the journalist act responsibly, and subject his actions and words to an accurate balance.

The transfer of the news or information in a circumstance is similar to the operation of eye surgery in its seriousness.

It is related to illuminating minds and guiding them in the path of searching for the truth, and here we are talking about the issue of objectivity in journalistic work.

This concept has always been closely associated with this profession to the point that it was almost the main criterion in distinguishing between one journalist and another, and choosing between one media institution and another in following up its live coverage of events and transmitting images and news, which made many individuals and institutions in the press and media sector in general in a frantic race to They appear to their audience somewhat objective, and they are far from objective.

The objectivity that they take as a slogan and rant about it all the time and when is nothing but a cover for a public relations ploy that they use to win over people’s emotions and sermons to woo them, instead of practicing the profession on its origins and throwing hollow slogans that do not establish a serious press aside, and it cannot in any way be Objectively, he lacks the ability to separate fact from opinion.

Whoever does not bother to investigate the accuracy of what he narrates of the facts and to verify the authenticity of the news he broadcasts by referring to their reliable sources is not even fit to be a journalist. Then, how dare he say that he is objective if he does not adhere to social debates or one of the issues around which opinions differ and clash, with the exception of just issues, human rights and values, and ideas that promote hatred, violence and racism.

In conclusion of our talk about journalism and its ethics, we do not fail to point out a very dangerous point, which is the impact of media policies pursued by the ruling regimes on the press and the media in general, and the interference in drawing the controls and limits of professional ethics to serve its policies, which is a major challenge facing the journalist in his professional career. And a difficult test for him in the face of all forms of enticement and intimidation to demonstrate how to be independent.

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